Fabric Sourcing

We work with a big network of local and globally based fabric suppliers through our partners in Greece, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia. Our aim is to provide our clients with all types of different fabric qualities and trims based on your constantly changing needs and trends. We can also achieve successfully any custom fabrications and dye.

We specialize on jerseys, flat knits and wovens in the whole range of women, kids and men collections.

We have an evaluated network of manufactures, which allows us to find quickly and efficiently the best match for our clients’ production needs.

We are striving to build a modern, innovative and global sourcing network which has market awareness and a strong supplier base with technical background.

We can assist our customers to find the most suitable fabric quality for your needs, we can guide you by looking for the most appropriate supplier based always on best possible prices, required quality level and on time delivery.

Flexibility and diversification are two of our major assets.


We can develop collections by technical files designed based on our customers’ team, we can combine ideas and proposals on styles and shapes that can inspire our clients design team and also offer a wide range of targeted ready-made collections for direct picking by the buyers.

We can develop any sample fitting your requirements and specifications.

Sample Development

Sample development is a creative and important part of the process.

Samples are always tested in order to foresee finished product appearance and fit and to confirm whether there are any inconsistencies in the pattern according to the buyer’s specification.

Sample development is one of the main processes in garment industry because is the most important prerequisite for our customers to choose the appropriate style and fit.

Technical Support

At any step of the making process we have a technical and fashion expert support team that works with our clients on any sourcing, fitting or design request.

We focus on aesthetically designed clothing, as the fashion industry is now working on expanded ranges of styles and forms, which makes the technical support for the fitting mandatory.

Our team will also discuss our clients’ ideas with you and advise you on fabrications, suitable printing methods,new trends that will bring your ideas onto life.


After confirmation of the final approved samples and purchase order we start the production to one of the factories we collaborate with, depending on the specifications and the particular needs of the customer.
We work with a number of different production units based from Eastern Europe and Greece to Turkey and Asia. In order to choose the factory that will serve our client most, we take into consideration many parameters like time limitations, production volume and specific customer requirements.
Each time, we examine carefully the features of the different kinds of garment production units, before placing the order.
We constantly aim to shorten production lead time in order to reduce the medium and long term production engagements of our customers. On the one hand we help our customer to limit the inventory and on the other hand to quickly reorder well shelling styles.

Quality Control

We are committed providing our clients with functional fabrics of stable quality but also with final garments that meet their specifications; hence the pre-production testing and the quality control of the final product are both crucial for us.

We take quality control seriously, cause any adjustment during production could change the outcome of fabrics or the shape/colour of the garment.

We have quality control team in house in charge of monitoring every detail of production.
Additionally, we outline all the specifications of the garment in what’s called a quality control checklist. Moreover, every detail of production, which could affect the result, is recorded. Finally, our QC team checks carefully the final product in comparison to the approved production sample.

We can guarantee you that all your garments will be handled with all the desired care, selecting suitable manufacturers who pay attention to detail and know-how. We follow the whole process of realization of the production and work together with the supplier and customer in all steps.



We support effective international transportation as part of the well-functioning supply chain for clothing that we serve in total. Our company’s experienced specialists organize transportation by all available means and through use of combined schemes around Europe, Eastern and Central Asia.

We take into consideration the specific needs of every client and the characteristics of their particular cargo, develop optimal delivery routes, and calculate costs for the most efficient transortation

We always search the best shipping options in terms of cost and speed for airshipment, sea shipments and truck shipments . For any need during the shipment and delivery of the goods we cooperate with international transport agencys to support the client.




Our mission

Our mission is always to find productive solutions to our customers in apparel industry with commitment to product quality, easy and fast processes and ethical making. Our aim is to make working in fashion industry an easy and passion driven experience.


Our vision

To provide services following the constant evolutions of the market moving on the edge of the innovation, fulfilling successfully the ongoing new demands of the clients.
To be the interconnection channel between the developing apparel industry and the technologically and ethically evolving manufactures in Europe, Turkey and Asia.
To expand a loyal network of clients by using our ability to react to new trends, technologies, global changes and new demands.