Global Fabric Sourcing

Global Fabric Sourcing

We work with a big network of local and globally based fabric suppliers through our partners in Greece, Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia.  Our aim is to provide our clients with all types of different fabric qualities and trims based on your constantly changing needs and trends. We can also achieve successfully any custom fabrications and dye.

We specialize on jerseys, flat knits and wovens in the whole range of women, kids and men collections.

We have an evaluated network of manufactures, which allows us to find quickly and efficiently the best match for our clients’ production needs.

We are striving to build a modern, innovative and global sourcing network which has market awareness and a strong supplier base with technical background. 

We can assist our customers to find the most suitable fabric quality for your needs, we can guide you by looking for the most appropriate supplier based always on best possible prices, required quality level and on time delivery.  Flexibility and diversification are two of our major assets.

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