Quality Control

Quality Control

We are committed providing our clients with functional fabrics of stable quality but also with final garments that meet their specifications; hence the pre-production testing and the quality control of the final product are both crucial for us.

We take quality control seriously, cause any adjustment during production could change the outcome of fabrics or the shape/colour of the garment.

We have quality control team in house in charge of monitoring every detail of production.

Additionally, we outline all the specifications of the garment in what’s called a quality control checklist. Moreover, every detail of production, which could affect the result, is recorded. Finally, our QC team checks carefully the final product in comparison to the approved production sample.

We can guarantee you that all your garments will be handled with all the desired care, selecting suitable manufacturers who pay attention to detail and know-how. We follow the whole process of realization of the production and work together with the supplier and customer in all steps.

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