Elvina represents a Group of Textile Companies covering manufacturing and commercial operations in the European Clothing Industry.

Elvina is based in Athens and runs offices in FRANCE and the North of Greece.




ELVINA was established in 1984 initially as a Textile Agency supervisingthe production of ready to wear garments for the benefit of French Chain Stores.




A subsidiary, ELVINA (FRANCE) , was created in Paris with the purpose of servicing and invoicing directly the French clients, saving them cumbersome procedures.




A second subsidiary, under the name of REACTION TEXTILE, was created in Athens to cover quality control requirements of the various manufacturing operations, including final inspections before delivery.





With the expansion of ELVINA’s operations in the Spanish market, ELVINA (SPAIN) was established in Madrid. This move took place in partnership with INEXCO, MASS FASHION & TRIKOPLEX. Three independent clothing manufacturers of Northern Greece.




An international forwarding and logistics company, under the name of VELOSTRANS, was established to reduce delivery times and to provide improved storage  and distribution services to our clients.






Following our commitment to offer full service to our customers, we established VESTIS INTERNATIONAL in Bangladesh. Vestis is a complementary structure that enables us to offer to our customers competitive prices for their long term deliveries in parallel with the existing quick response European srtucture.